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Teckbuz is the premier organization to provided excellent products and services including ERPs, Software, Antivirus, E commerce sports app. Teckbuz gives priority to quality of products and we provide products according to latest industry standards as per standard procedure. Teckbuz have provided excellent support to our esteem clients from beginning to the throughout engagement of the service period to serve better services

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  • City :Hyderabad
  • State :Telangana
  • Country:India
  • Address:Repunjaya Building, Plot No: 1024, 4th, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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  • Name : Chandra Sekhar Kalyani
  • Contact: +91 8340000982
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  • Meta Description : Teckbuz has the industry most comprehensive suite of software technologies that delivers broad capabilities and supports diverse approaches for AI. Established